The body conversation got really complicated somewhere along the lines.

You probably heard a story about the human body that was over-ly complicated.

If you’re anything like me, you heard a story that talked about bones and muscles, calories in and calories out, and how to burn more than you consume.

But that is an old and outdated story – one that can actually prove to be HARMFUL if you don’t get all the facts you need.

So I’m here to reteach you, make it super simple and help you use what you learn to go work smarter, not harder.  I’m here to strip it back to the basics and simplify it…from the ground-up, and from the inside-out.



I call it BAAM! (Body Awareness Awareness Mindset)

Essentially, we as human have a physical ‘map of potential’ that all human mammals are born with. They are Neural Maps

Things like:

  • Movement maps (the maps that your joints are supposed to have)
  • Sensory Maps (the maps that your sensory system is supposed to have)
  • Blood/Oxygen Maps (the maps that are supposed to be infused with blood and oxygen)

Just to name a few…

But what happens for most modern-day women is that these maps get FOGGY as we grow older:

  • Perhaps we never had them.
  • Perhaps we ‘lose them because we don’t use them”
  • Perhaps we don’t even have the awareness that they even exist.

But that’s the cool thing about the NERVOUS SYSTEM!

Science tells us time and time again that you CAN teach an ‘old dog new tricks’.

You’re never too young, old, late, or fargone to create and recreate these maps that I speak of.

And when you do:

  • You’ll FEEL better.
  • You’ll MOVE better.
  • You’ll LIVE better.

And that’s why (for many years now) I’ve been teaching my clients and students about something I call BAAM:

Body Awareness Awareness Mindset

Body: YOUR Body, you only have one
Awareness: Notice
Awareness: Notice what you’re noticing (or not noticing)
Mindset: Become mindful…make the unconscious conscious.